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We are an online mobile phone coupon company that allows MobileWRX app users to pre-purchase time-limited, best deals provided exclusively by our vendors.
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MobileWRX is a tech company offering value and convenience to coupon buyers everywhere in a fun and easy way.
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“To create a fun and easy mobile shopping experience for the new generation of consumers by combining personal choice and the best deals anywhere." - John Kovacs, MobileWRX Productions Corp.
Your opinion is important. Plus you get the added bonus of being entitled to it! Don't hold back. Whether it's good, bad or ugly, we will read them all, but we'll be honest: we prefer the good ones!
We got it!
All good things come to those who wait. Our cool mobile application is currently going through the iTunes approval process. It will be ready as soon as they think it's as cool as we do. Dare we say it, but it is available on Google Play! There, we said it. Don't shoot the messenger!
RadioWRX is an exciting new musical platform that will transform the way you interact with the musical world.
Your Band. Your Music. Everywhere.
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